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Release notes

Real-time Netting Introduced to all Saxo Clients

It is now possible for clients to turn on real-time netting on their accounts through Saxo Trader GO or PRO.

The netting mode impacts the order/position lifecycle and third-party applications should be able to handle both netting modes.

More information about real-time netting and the changes required can be found here: Real-time vs EOD-netting

Client Management


NEW IBs can now initiate a password reset for any of their clients through the 'resetpasswordrequest' endpoint

Client Services


NEW IBs can fetch funding instructions for onboarded clients through the 'wiretransfers/instructions' endpoint

NEW Clients can request inter-account transfers through the 'interaccounttransfers' endpoint.

Account History


IMPROVED 'AvailableBenchmarks' has been added to the response object.



IMPROVED 'CreationTime' has been added to the Account response object.


BREAKING 'SubPositions' have been removed from the NetPosition response object as announced back in November 2017.


IMPROVED 'OrderDuration' object has been updated with a new field to specify the expiration date for GTD orders.

Reference Data


IMPROVED An OrderSetting FieldGroup have been added to instrument details which allows you to see MaxOrderSize and MinOrderValue for relevant instruments.

IMPROVED A new LotSizeType named BuyOnly has been added which indicates that this LotSize is only applicable for Buy orders.

UPCOMING BREAKING Tick size has been split into two new fields: TickSizeLimitOrder and TickSizeStopOrder, to be used for their corresponding limit and stop order types. Please see for more information.


Orders v2

IMPROVED It is now possible to supply the 'SwitchInstrumentUic' parameter when doing an order precheck

IMPROVED ExpirationDateTime and ExpirationDateContainsTime fields added to OrderDuration object.