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Release notes

port/v1/netpositions (Potentially Breaking)

CHANGED The value returned in NetPositionId has changed. As explained under planned changes, this should really not be breaking as an application should not infer any meaning into a NetPositionId, other than it identifying a temporary group of related positions.


IMPROVED New field added: "MaxValueInBaseCurrency" added to SinglePosition. PositionView.


IMPROVED New field added: "MaxValueInBaseCurrency" added to PositionView section.

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.

Currently we have two such changes scheduled:

  • The removal of a number of fields within the tradingconditions resource in the client services service group  and balances resource in the portfolio service group - on or after June 1st.
  • Change of validation of corporate actions election - on or after October 1st.