OpenAPI for Excel

The perfect SaxoTrader companion

Welcome to OpenAPI for Excel, Saxo's home-built Excel add-in that ports a broad range of OpenAPI functionality straight into Excel. Newcomers are advised to review the introductory guide Get Started in 5 Minutes or Less, which covers topics such as account creation, installing the add-in, and building your first formula. For a high-level overview of the add-in and how it extends Saxo's OpenAPI functionality, see the Introduction.

OpenAPI for Excel provides you with the flexibility of Excel and VBA, coupled with the infrastructure that powers Saxo Bank's award-winning trading platforms. The OpenAPI add-in works both as supplement to the SaxoTrader platform and as complete stand-alone solution. Use it to build custom workspaces right away with native VBA and Excel support, or download Excel snippets from the Tutorial Series, which break down all available functionality in bite-size components. The Excel add-in supports most OpenAPI services and is available for all recent versions of Microsoft Excel (2010 and later).

Get started with OpenAPI for Excel by grabbing the latest version from the Downloads section.


Dear Developers,

As we are deprecating parts of our old infrastructure, it is important that you update to the latest version of the Excel add-in before August 2024, to avoid your sheets breaking

There are no functional changes in this new version, so upgrading should be easy; the only changes are happening behind the scenes where it now points to our latest infrastructure instead.

Thank you for your cooperation.

// The OpenAPI Team