OpenAPI for Excel

Version 1.0.0 (re-released December 19, 2018) - Download here

This re-released version of OpenAPI for Excel has been signed with a fresh certificate (valid until November 30, 2020) to prevent errors from the Microsoft Excel Trust Center. The functionality is the exact same as described below.

Version 1.0.0 (August 8, 2018)

The first full release of Saxo's OpenAPI for Excel includes numerous enhancements to usability, especially for the Formula Builder, and irons out a couple of inconsistencies that affected earlier versions such as uninformative error messages.


  • Improved Formula Builder UI - The Request Parameters box is now the second subsection in the Formula Builder, which follows intuition and ensures a natural flow. In addition, parameters are populated automatically, required parameters are marked with an asterisk, and a new check box is added to include headers for non-subscribe endpoints (subscribe endpoints always return headers in the output).
  • Endpoint selection follows OpenAPI structure - The breakdown of the OpenAPI endpoints has been replicated and is now fully replicated in the Formula Builder, using the standard convention: Service Group → Service → Version → Endpoint.
  • Obsolete /active endpoints removed - A number of subscription endpoints have been simplified by removing the /active tail. For more information on how to prevent future incompatibility, see this blog post.
  • Cell references available in Formula Builder - Request parameter fields can now be populated using cell references.
  • Links to OpenAPI Reference Documentation - The Formula Builder now includes endpoint documentation links.
  • Multiple smaller updates to the Formula Builder - Updates such as: field selection is now searchable and behaves more intuitively when adding/removing fields, the popup window can be resized, request parameters are sorted alphabetically for consistency, and prefilled content responds better and supplies more fields.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Error handling is improved. Errors no longer show as empty cells or generic messages but include information on the nature of the error, such as "No content found" or "Invalid horizon".
  • Performance of the add-in improved for all API calls and loading times of the add-in itself.
  • Duplicate services have been removed from the drop-down in Formula Builder.
  • Formulas no longer break when many fields are requested on certain endpoints.
  • Endpoints returning arrays are correctly handled by the add-in and no longer cause errors.
  • Fixed issues affecting the resizing elements.
  • Dates returned by the add-in show with correct formatting automatically.
  • Many smaller bugs and inconsistencies have been ironed out. Stability has improved significantly and is now at a level considered suitable for professional use.