OpenAPI for Excel

Version 1.0.7 (February 25, 2019)

This update further polishes some of the language in the add-in and takes care of two user-reported bugs.


  • All functions have been renamed to follow convention around "OpenAPI" labels. Excel spreadsheets containing these functions are automatically updated. Existing VBA code is not affected by this as function references are not sensitive to capital letters.
  • The User-Defined Functions (UDFs) included in the add-in are now categorized in correctly-named groups.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • In some cases, subscription functionality was not correctly updating fields, causing them to blank out. This should now be resolved.
  • Issues with resizing output arrays has been fixed to prevent blanks / incomplete data from being returned on the spreadsheet.

Version 1.0.6 (February 6, 2019)

Bug squashing is the main theme for this version, as we are addressing a number of client issues that were reported through Stability has been improved over recent increments and we will continue to prioritize any feedback that is sent through the aforementioned inbox.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • OpenApiSubscribe() now correctly parses out multiple comma-separated values in the arguments, allowing for price subscriptions to multiple instruments, etc.
  • Buffering issues for subscription functions have been improved to prevent issues with buffered updates showing up in workbook cells and/or loosing updates altogether.
  • Reconnecting to streaming services now uses the correct (latest) token to prevent issues with subscription functions timing out.
  • The streaming URL has been changed to, fixing some issues related to market data.
  • Logging out of the add-in or closing and re-opening a workbook with OpenAPI for Excel now correctly refreshes data from previous sessions and shows the "You are unauthorized." message.
  • Unnecessary log entries have been disabled, making the logs more consistent and precise.
  • Notepad encoding has been improved to prevent nonsensical characters from showing in the logs unnecessarily.

Version 1.0.2 (January 25, 2019)

This version tackles a number of issues reported by our users and includes fixes for bugs and minor improvements under the hood, primarily concerning subscription functionality.


  • Log file link added to About box - The debugging experience is enhanced as the log file can now be opened straight from Excel by opening the About box.
  • System requirements check - If .Net Framework is not installed on your machine, the add-in will show a warning message.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Stability of streaming functionality is improved. This should prevent streaming data from being interrupted.
  • Streaming functions restart properly when re-opening a spreadsheet that contains subscription functions.
  • Updates to logs to improve relevance and consistency.
  • Numerous small bug fixes and enhancements to error handling to improve stability.

Version 1.0.1 (January 21, 2019)

New year, new UI! With the start of 2019, a much-needed UI update has been rolled out and is now ready to see the light of day. In addition, new functionality has been added in the form of a About button, with helpful links to the developer portal and the version number of the add-in. Other changes include more UI updates (mostly addressing inconsistencies in the text) and multiple bug fixes.


  • Brand new buttons - All buttons on the OpenAPI tab have been refreshed and blend in with the general aesthetic of Excel.

  • About button - To enhance user experience and quickly check which version number is running on your machine, a new button has been added to OpenAPI for Excel, which displays all relevant info and provides links to our developer portal. This will be especially helpful as we are planing to release many smaller iterations over the coming period.

  • UI text updates - Inconsistencies in the UI have been removed as much as possible in this iteration. There will however be more updates later as we apply the styling conventions of the OpenAPI to our Excel product.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • The Formula Builder button will now be disabled until the user logs in.
  • The add-in's log file no longer contains incorrect logging information concerning certificate warnings.
  • Using the Formula Builder to create a subscription to the /positions/ endpoint will no longer deliver incorrect parameters to the OpenApiSubscribe() function.
  • Minor updates to logging functionality.

Version 1.0.0 (re-released December 19, 2018)

This re-released version of OpenAPI for Excel has been signed with a fresh certificate (valid until November 30, 2020) to prevent errors from the Microsoft Excel Trust Center. The functionality is the exact same as described below.

Version 1.0.0 (August 8, 2018)

The first full release of Saxo's OpenAPI for Excel includes numerous enhancements to usability, especially for the Formula Builder, and irons out a couple of inconsistencies that affected earlier versions such as uninformative error messages.


  • Improved Formula Builder UI - The Request Parameters box is now the second subsection in the Formula Builder, which follows intuition and ensures a natural flow. In addition, parameters are populated automatically, required parameters are marked with an asterisk, and a new check box is added to include headers for non-subscribe endpoints (subscribe endpoints always return headers in the output).
  • Endpoint selection follows OpenAPI structure - The breakdown of the OpenAPI endpoints has been replicated and is now fully replicated in the Formula Builder, using the standard convention: Service Group → Service → Version → Endpoint.
  • Obsolete /active endpoints removed - A number of subscription endpoints have been simplified by removing the /active tail. For more information on how to prevent future incompatibility, see this blog post.
  • Cell references available in Formula Builder - Request parameter fields can now be populated using cell references.
  • Links to OpenAPI Reference Documentation - The Formula Builder now includes endpoint documentation links.
  • Multiple smaller updates to the Formula Builder - Updates such as: field selection is now searchable and behaves more intuitively when adding/removing fields, the popup window can be resized, request parameters are sorted alphabetically for consistency, and prefilled content responds better and supplies more fields.

Bug fixes & improvements

  • Error handling is improved. Errors no longer show as empty cells or generic messages but include information on the nature of the error, such as "No content found" or "Invalid horizon".
  • Performance of the add-in improved for all API calls and loading times of the add-in itself.
  • Duplicate services have been removed from the drop-down in Formula Builder.
  • Formulas no longer break when many fields are requested on certain endpoints.
  • Endpoints returning arrays are correctly handled by the add-in and no longer cause errors.
  • Fixed issues affecting the resizing elements.
  • Dates returned by the add-in show with correct formatting automatically.
  • Many smaller bugs and inconsistencies have been ironed out. Stability has improved significantly and is now at a level considered suitable for professional use.