OpenAPI for Excel

New tutorials are added on an ongoing basis. Please check in again soon for updates!

The OpenAPI for Excel Tutorial Series demonstrates the versatility of the Excel add-in by showcasing a range of different applications of OpenAPI functionality. The series provides Excel snippets at every stage, which function as stand-alone solutions and can be incorporated into your own creations. VBA is used throughout the series, with more modules added as the difficulty gradually increases. This series is very much intended as stepping stone for both experienced Excel users and beginners, and you are welcome to download the snippets and experiment away.

Excel snippets

Note that the OpenAPI for Excel add-in is required to use the Excel snippets provided in each tutorial in this series. See the Downloads section for more information on how to install the add-in on your machine.

It is recommended to practice with the included Excel snippets in the simulation environment, especially the sections showcasing trading solutions. For this reason, the tutorials mainly focus on FX instruments, as these are enabled by default for simulation accounts. The functionality is however not limited to just FX, and can be extended to work on stocks, CFDs, bonds, futures, etc. In case you would like to enable additional instruments on your simulation account, please send us a message at and we can change your profile accordingly.

Learning resources

The Tutorial Series assumes advanced knowledge of Excel and a basic understanding of VBA macros. The VBA code incorporated in the Excel snippets is lengthy at times, especially when a single operation requires multiple methods to be applied in order to deliver the desired end result (such as re-computing MACD data points with a single click). None of the included operations are however 'advanced' applications of VBA in themselves. Each tutorial highlights some of the important sections within the code, however to understand the full functionality, it is advised to download the snippet and study the setup in Excel. For users that are new to VBA but have experience using Excel, please see the following learning resources:

The VBA code included in the downloadable snippets should only be used for demonstration purposes. Please carefully consider your automated solution if it trades against a LIVE account and do not copy this code outright.


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