Service Groups

  • Account History (Beta/Early Preview)

    Account history services providing historical and performance data about clients and accounts.
    NOTE: This is an early developer preview. At this point, all data may not be correct, complete or available in the live environment.
  • Auto Trading

    The AutoTrading service group provides endpoints for interacting with Saxo Bank's SaxoSelect offering.Through these interfaces a client application can get Saxo Select trade leaders, portfolios and investments. Portfolio investments can be created and modifed.
    This service is subject to special licensing agreements and not generally available to all OpenAPI applications.
  • Chart

    Services for getting chart data for instruments.
  • Client Management

    The Client Management service group provides services to signup and manage leads and clients.
  • Client Reporting

    The Client Reporting service group provides endpoints to retrieve various reports in .pdf/.xls format.
  • Client Services

    The Client Services service group provides end points for getting reports, managing subscriptions, Mifid and transferring funds.
  • Portfolio

    The Portfolio service group provides services and end points that serves information about the clients current portfolio, such as account balance, open positions etc.
  • Reference Data

    The Reference Data service group provides reference data, such as instrument details, exchange info etc..
  • Root Services

    The root service group provides endpoints for central subscription management and session capabilities.
  • Trading

    The Trading service group provides end points for setting up price and quote subscriptions, polling prices and placing orders and trades (positions).
  • Value Add

    The Value Add service group provides services and end points that adds extra value for the client developer.