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Historical Report Data

We are adding three new resources, which provide access to historical transaction data:

  • Trades: Details on executed trades
  • Bookings: Details of the individual bookings on an account, including cash and dividend postings, corporate actions etc.
  • Closed Positions: Details on all closed positions.


New endpoint returning net exposures.



The options chain is a resource dedicated to support the options chain in SaxoTraderGO.


The new orders supports OCO orders, and generally makes it easier to place orders with related orders. We will build on this new structure when later introducing combination flexible orders/basket orders. The current /v1/orders end point will remain supported at least until 1/7/2017.

Potentially Breaking

Futures position management changes
Saxo Bank is moving to FIFO netting on futures positions from:
  • 6 April on the SaxoTrader platform
  • 8 April on the TraderGO platform

This means that futures trades must be closed in the order they were opened; platform features which allow you to close trades in a different order will be removed:

  • Individual trades in a position cannot be closed directly.
  • You cannot place related stop and limit order to close specific trades.

For further details on this change, please see: