New Features

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Release notes

Asset Transfers


NEW New resource, which allows select WLC partners to request the transfer of securities between two client accounts.

Client Management


IMPROVED New fields "ContractRisk" and "LastDueDilligenceApproval" added.

IMPROVED New field "Gender" added to RenewalData.PersonalInformation.

IMPROVED New field "FundingInformation" added to RenewalData.ProfileInformation.

Client Services


IMPROVED New fields "CleanPrice" and "DirtyPrice" added. 


IMPROVED New section "LoanInterest" added. This is replacing the single field "LoanInterestCharge", which is now deprecated.

Event Notification System


NEW New message type: SecurityTransfers, providing updates to an initiated Securities transfer request. See Security Transfer Events for further details.

Reference Data


IMPROVED New fields "IsoMic" and "OperatingMic" added.



IMPROVED New value for enumeration AllocationUnitType: "CashAmount".

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.

Currently we have no such changes scheduled!

We are however planning a significant enhancement to ENS Position events, around or after April 1st.