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Release notes

New Authentication Flows

We have rebuilt our authentication flows to be fully compatible with the OAuth 2.0 specification. This significantly reduces the time it takes to implement authentication flows, and allows developers to use any available OAuth client instead of implementing the authentication flow from scratch. Click here to see the updated documentation.

Our SAML based authentication flows will keep existing for the foreseeable future, but we strongly encourage all developers to use the new OAuth based flows.

New Streaming Solution

We have added a new streaming solution that is purely based on standard websockets and with a binary wrapper format. This makes it easier to implement streaming in any programming language, especially those where SignalR is not well supported, and the binary wrapper allows for optimized handling of received messages. Click here to see the websocket streaming documentation

Removal of the Cookie Requirement

Until now we have required cookies to be included in all requests to OpenAPI, which often caused troubles for developers developing apps outside of the browser, where cookie support is often not a default, or developers of distributed systems where cookies needed to be kept in sync. But with this release, cookies are no longer required for any OpenAPI endpoints, so while we will still return cookies with our responses, these can safely be ignored from now on.

Client Management


IMPROVED A new field called 'OnboardingSubState' has been added to the signup status endpoint to provide additional information about the current onboarding state.

Client Services

Order Activities

IMPROVED A new field called 'SubStatus' has been added to provide additional information about the status of the order at the time of the event.

Reference Data


NEW New 'Trading Schedules' endpoint added to provide trading hours for specific instruments.



IMPROVED (BETA!): Additonal fields 'Cost' and 'EstimatedTotalCost' added to the response to provide a more detailed estimate of the overall cost and cost elements of a potential trade.

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.