Extended AssetTypes enabled for all applications (breaking)

As previously announced under planned changes, we have now moved all apps over to use our new Extended AssetTypes.
You can read more details about what this change involves here:

New Features

Service Group

Release notes

Account History


IMPROVED New timeseries for 'CashBalance' and 'TotalAccruals' added.

Client Services



IMPROVED New values 'FractionalTradeValueFraction', 'IntegerTradeValueFraction' and 'ValueFractionAndFixedCost' added to CalculationType field in "Taxes" section.

Corporate Actions


IMPROVED New value 'Completed' in EventState.

IMPROVED Added 'AccountKey' as an optional query parameter.



IMPROVED Corporate Action events with type 'Dividend' now also sends out events for updates and payments in addition to announcements.





IMPROVED Added *Currency and *DisplayDecimals to all Greeks.

Reference Data



IMPROVED Added new field 'NonTradableReason'.



IMPROVED Added new field 'Greeks'.

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.