Service Group
Release notes
Client Management


NEW New endpoint for creating additional accounts for an existing client.


NEW New endpoint for adding additional documents for an existing client.

Client Services


IMPROVED New section added: SleepingOrderCondition.


IMPROVED New fields added to section: PortfolioBasedMargin: Initial(margin) and IntraWeek(margin).

Event Notification Service


IMPROVED New fields added: AccountKey and ClientKey added to all messages.

Reference Data


IMPROVED New field: added: DisplayName.




  • You can now specify UIC and AssetType as query parameters. This will ensure that correct trade size and lot size is applied when predicting how the total amount will be distributed.
  • The SubClientsInfo now returns information about how a proposed trade will be distributed on each client.

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.

Introduction of Extended AssetTypes

To facilitate a better separation of instruments with different properties, Saxo Bank has decided to redefine the AssetType enumeration. In the following we will refer to this refined definition as "Extended AssetTypes".

Extended AssetTypes is now be enabled for all new applications and the explorer in the developer portal also works with this new definition. The reference documentation for each service group is in the process of being updated.

Please read this description on Extended AssetTypes for further information.