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POTENTIALLY BREAKING New Ticksizes when Placing FX Orders - Will be released during the weekend of Nov 24.

Until now, FX instruments have only had one tick size which was defined by the field 'TickSize' under instrument details.

As of today we will operate with three separate tick sizes when placing orders:

  • TickSize: to be used for IOC and FOK orders.
  • TickSizeLimitOrder: to be used for Limit orders
  • TickSizeStopOrder: to be used for Stop orders.

These two new tick size fields are already present when you query instrument details:


  "AmountDecimals": 6,
  "AssetType": "FxSpot",
  "Symbol": "EURUSD",
  "TickSize": 0.00005,
  "TickSizeLimitOrder": 0.0001,
  "TickSizeStopOrder": 0.00005,
  "Uic": 21

This will not affect any non-FX Instruments.

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.