Service Group
Release notes

Client Management


IMPROVED New section added to section "PersonalInformation": "PoliticallyExposedInformation".



CHANGED New section added: "SpendingPowerDetail". This replaces ShareSpendingPower, SpendingPower and SrcSpendingPower, which will be obsoleted on or after June 1st.

Reference Data


IMPROVED New section added "SupportedOrderTypeSettings".



IMPROVED New field added "TotalUnitValues".


IMPROVED New fields added to the request for InfoPrices "ForwardDateNearLeg", "ForwardDateNearLeg".

Please also observe the announced planned changes, which may be potentially breaking.

Currently we have three such changes scheduled:

  • The removal of certain methods for cash management in the client services service group - this should happen imminently now.
  • The introduction of support for HTTP/2 and Akamai acceleration worldwide - on or after April 1st.
    • As noted in the change note, we expect this change to be non-breaking, but we still strongly encourage you to test this already now.
  • Change in the value returned for the NetPositionId field - on or after May 1st.
  • The removal of a number of fields within the tradingconditions resource in the client services service group  and balances resource in the portfolio service group - on or after June 1st.