At this point we allow any client to explore our api and to write an application, which works against our demo environment.

If you want to create an application, which works against our live environment, you must apply for such access. The process is outlined below.

1. Explore the OpenAPI 

If you are reading this, you are already well on your way towards building your own application. Please make sure you study the reference documentation, try the tutorial and the explorer. Please also use the ability to get a 24 hour token, which you can simply paste into your sample application to test out your ideas without having to implement an actual authentication flow.

2. Create an Application for the demo environment.

Once you  are ready to build something "for real", you can go to the Application Management section to configure up to 10 apps. In the Application Management section you are able to set a number of parameters, including application name, return url, and select from a subset of available grant types. 

3. Apply for an Application for the live environment

Developing an application which works against our live environment currently requires explicit evaluation and approval from Saxo Bank. It also requires agreement to a set of terms and conditions for application development.

Once your application has been reviewed and approved, we will forward relevant application configuration parameters, including the application-key and application-secret.

If you are a direct retail or professional client of Saxo Bank Group


  • Who are direct retail or professional clients of Saxo Group, and
  • Who belong to the Platinum or VIP segment, and have a minimum account balance of 20.000 EUR and
  • Would like to create an application for personal usage or for usage within your own entity

May follow the procedure described here to apply.

If you a not a direct retail or professional client of Saxo Bank Group

If you are looking to engage with Saxo Bank in any other capacity,

  • Please contact your already assigned relationship manager, or
  • Follow the procedure described here to apply.