This resource returns information about all executed trades and bookings as they are reported in our back office system. Information is updated once per day at the end of a processing cycle.


Trades represents changes to a clients holdings, typically holdings being bought/sold or transferred in/out.

Fetching trades

The list of trades can be filtered in two ways:

Filtering across TradeId's:

  • ClientKey, FromDate and ToDate are mandatory
  • AccountGroupKey and AccountKey are optional

Filtering for a specific TradeId:

  • ClientKey, AccountKey and TradeId are mandatory

Getting the most out of the Trades resource

As mentioned the information is pretty straight forward. Below is just a list of suggestions for how the resource can be used.

  • Note that each trade includes both an InstrumentSymbol and an UnderlyingInstrumentSymbol, this can be useful for grouping trades in options for futures on the same instrument.
  • Note that we are always providing Commissions and BookedAmounts in USD in addition to the client and account currency. This makes it easier to evaluate absolute trade values across several clients and accounts.

Special Values

A number of fields on the Trades resource are values which are defined in other systems, and simply relayed through OpenAPI.


This is an Id for the system within Saxo Bank, that generated the trade.  You may use this information to gain some information about how the trade was originated.

A subset of the possible Id's are provided below. The list is not exhaustive, and will be expanded on an ongoing basis:

ToolIdOriginExternal Description
10Saxo BankCorporate Action Tool
11Saxo BankTrade Correction Tool
12Saxo BankPosition Correction Tool
28Saxo BankUIC Position Move Tool
37ClientAllocation Service


If the trade is the result of a corporate action, the CaEventTypeId will identify the type of the corporate action.

OpenAPI uses the same ids as are delivered through end of day files. You may find the complete list of event type ids and their meaning in the end of day file specification, under the section called 'CAEVENTTYPE'.

The end of day file documentation can be found here:


Bookings represent changes to the monetary value a clients account.

Fetching Bookings

The list of bookings can be filtered in two ways:

Filtering across booking types:

  • ClientKey, FromDate and ToDate are mandatory
  • AccountGroupKey and AccountKey are optional

Filtering for a specific event booking criteria

  • ClientKey, FilterType and FilterValue are mandatory. Possible filtervalues are "BkAmountId", "CaMasterRecordId", "RelatedTradeId", making it possible to find all bookings of a particular type or related to a specific corporate action or trade.

Aggregated Amounts

This is simply a summary over the record of detailed bookings.