The Client Services service group provides access to a number of resources from our backoffice system. Many of these resources are consumed by the "Account" section of SaxoTraderGO. Initially we are only exposing a few of these for external developers, but we will extend this over time.

The purpose of these resources are primarily to feed a user interface like SaxoTraderGO. The resources are not designed to support bulk replication of trade data in an enterprise setup. If you require this, you should request access to our End of Day files.


This resource returns the information, which feeds the Activity Log module in SaxoTraderGO. It includes a complete audit trail of all events related to the logged in user and the users account.


Several resources in this group provide detailed information about the bookings made on clients accounts:

  • Trades includes detailed information about every trade booked on a specified client, accountgroup or account:
  • Bookings includes information about any amount booked on a specified client, accountgroup or account. 
  • Aggregated Amounts is a "virtual" resource which allows you to sum up all bookings for a specified client, accountgroup or account.