Q: What is SaxoOpenAPI?

SaxoOpenAPI is a REST-like API on the HTTP protocol with streaming support. SaxoOpenAPI provides access to:

  • All resources and functionality required to build a high-performance multi-asset trading platform. 
  • Complete reference data on all tradable instruments, from instrument names to formatting rules, exchange timezone location, and opening hours.
  • Complete portfolio overview including current accounts, balances, positions and orders in real-time.
  • Full support for streaming quotes, request-for-quote, order-placement, trade confirmation etc.

Q: What do I need to get started with SaxoOpenAPI?

Please check out this guide.

Q: Where do I get an OpenAPI key?

Please refer to the article Writing an OpenAPI Application.

Q: Where do I get information about request and response of endpoints of services?

For information about any endpoint, please refer to the endpoint in Reference Documentation. For more information on Reference Documentation, please see Reference Documentation.

Q: How can I be notified when there are changes in the OpenAPI specifications?

We publish information about changes on our developer portal. Keep an eye on the Release Notes

Q: What about market data?

By default you have free access to streaming prices on Forex and about 5000 bonds, which are online tradable. You also have free access to chart data on Forex.

In addition we are able to provide market data from BATS Europe and BATS US. This requires a separate license agreement and includes market data fees. If you require this, please send us a mail at


Q: What are some good tools for HTTP debugging? 

Fiddler: Fiddler is a free web debugging proxy which logs HTTP(s) traffic between your computer and the Internet. Use it to debug traffic from virtually any application that supports a proxy like IE, Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera and more. For more information about Fiddler, go to

Postman: Postman is a tool which you can use as a Rest Client. You can construct simple as well as complex requests quickly, save them for later use and analyze the responses sent by the API. Postman can dramatically cut down the time required to test and develop APIs. For more information about postman, go to

cURL: cURL is a command-line tool for building and executing requests against a number of protocols, including HTTP - it has a large array of functionality, which makes it ideal to experiment with manually building and testing individual requests. cURL can be found here.

Q: Why I am having problem in IE?

IE handles CORS in a different way.

With IE 10+ you might get "Access denied" exception. Please go through the following article to know more about it: IE10 Cross domain issue.

For IE 8 and IE 9 please use the jQuery plugin as described in the following StackOverflow thread.


Q: How do I file a bug?

If you experience behavior that you believe may be a bug, please begin by raising it our support team at

Please ensure that your requests follow our guidelines for support tickets.

Q: I have a different question/problem. Who should I contact?

Many common questions are answered here in our Learn section, and we recommend you look for an answer here first.

If you can't find the answer in the Learn section, we're happy to answer your questions by email at

Please ensure that your requests follow our guidelines for support tickets.