Below are links to Applications, which demonstrate how to use some aspects of our API. Some samples are referred to in other articles, some simply aim to demonstrate a particular feature.

Samples explaining a Concept

Authentication - .Net console applicationThis sample explains login & authentication flow of a native-app-based application.Windows Console Application - Authentication 
Authentication - Web applicationThis sample explains the login & authentication flow of web-based application.Web Application - Authentication 
Certificate based authentication - .Net console application

This sample explains the process of getting an OpenAPI Access Token using certificate-based authentication.

Certificate based authentication is intended for long-running services which need to access OpenAPI without a user being present to perform the login.

Windows Console Application - Certificate Based Authentication
Batching - .Net console application

This sample provides an introduction to OpenAPI Batching which allows user to:

  • pack several API requests and send them to the OpenAPI service in one HTTP request, and
  • receive a single HTTP response for all the requests in batch response body.
Console Application - Batching 
Batching - JavaScript applicationWeb Application - Batching 
Streaming - .Net console application

This sample provides an introduction to OpenAPI Streaming which:

  • provides real time updates on quotes, positions, orders, balances etc, and
  • to client application without having to poll the OpenAPI at high frequencies.
Console Application - Streaming
Streaming - JavaScript applicationWeb Application - Streaming 

Third Party Samples

Authentication - Web

PHP version of Web application sample.

Web Application - PHP

Any third-party code sample is developed by third party providers separate from Saxo Bank. Saxo Bank makes no warranty or representation, either express or implied, with respect to the samples, including their quality, performance, merchantability, suitability, fitness for a particular purpose or that they are error free.