This page outlines the steps to be completed if you wish to write an application, which can access account data and trade against the LIVE environment.

Who is this for?

You may use this procedure to apply for OpenAPI live application credentials,

  • If you are not a direct retail or professional client of Saxo Bank Group
  • And you do not have an assigned relationship manager.

1. Declare your trading intentions

We would like to know what you intend for you application to do. How often will it trade, which instruments will be traded etc.

To complete this step please:

  1. Please download and fill in this form:  OpenAPI+and+Excel+Client+Evaluation+form.docx.
  2. Send the form to Provide the header: "Open API 3rd Party Application request".

2. Developing your application in the DEMO environment

While waiting for a response from us, you may start or continue development of your application connected to our DEMO environment.

Creating application credentials for our DEMO environment can be done using the "Application Management" section of the developer portal.

3. Receive, Sign and Return our 3rd Party Application Development agreement

After we have reviewed your application (obtained in step 1), we will engage with you to better understand you needs and requirements.

Assuming we jointly decide to move forward, we will send you:

a) an application agreement.

b) a technical application approval request.

These must also be filled in, signed and sent to

4. Receive credentials for your application with access to the LIVE environment

Shortly after receipt of the above documents we will issue application credentials for the LIVE environment.

Happy Coding

Saxo Bank OpenAPI team