Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Body Unique key identifying the account to place the order on.
    AlgoOrderData AlgorithmicOrderData Body Specification of StrategyName and parameters for AlgoOrders. Note: AlgoOrders are only supported on the live system.
    Amount Number Body Order size.
    AmountType OrderAmountType Body Indicates if the order Amount is specified as lots/shares/contracts or as a monetary purchase amount in instrument currency. If CurrencyAmount, then use CashAmount. Defaults to Quantity. Currently only supported on MutualFunds.
    AssetType AssetType Body The Instruments AssetType.
    BuySell BuySell Body The direction of the order; buy or sell.
    ExternalReference String Body Optional reference from the client app, to correlate orders with Saxo Bank issues order IDs. Maximum length: 50 characters. The pre-check will only validate the length of the reference.
    FieldGroups PreCheckOrderSpec [] Body Specification of fields to return in results
    ForwardDate Date Body Forward date that is only used for FxForward orders.
    IsForceOpen Boolean Body
    OrderDuration OrderDuration Body The Order Duration.
    OrderId String Body Used when changing the existing order.
    OrderPrice Number Body Order Price. Optional for market orders.
    Orders PlaceRelatedOrOcoOrder [] Body Optional related orders or OCO orders.
    OrderType PlaceableOrderType Body Order type.
    PositionId String Body Used when placing related orders for an existing position.
    StopLimitPrice Number Body Stop limit price for Stop Limit order
    StrategyId String Body Optional argument to specify an algo-order strategy.
    SwitchInstrumentUic Integer Body The Uic of the instrument to be used for Switch And Traspaso orders, Mutual Funds Specific
    ToOpenClose ToOpenClose Body Whether the order should be created to open/increase or close/decrease a position. (Only relevant for options)
    TraderId String Body Trader Id, Used only if the application is configured for supporting it with length of 2-16 chars.
    TraspasoIn TraspasoInDetails Body Information about Traspaso in external source instrument
    Uic Integer Body Unique id of the instrument to place the order for.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    Cost CostData Expected cost of executing the order.
    CostInAccountCurrency CostData Expected cost of executing the order in account currency.
    ErrorInfo StringErrorResponse Contains error info when order pre-check has failed.
    EstimatedCashRequired Number Estimated cash required.
    EstimatedCashRequiredCurrency String Estimated cash required currency.
    EstimatedTotalCost Number Expected total cost of executing the order in instrument currency.
    EstimatedTotalCostInAccountCurrency Number Estimated total cost currency.
    ExternalReference String Optional reference supplied when placing the order. Max. 50 characters.
    InstrumentToAccountConversionRate Number Rate used to convert from instrument currency to the account currency.
    MarginImpactBuySell MarginImpactBuySell Expected Margin Impact, including initial, maintenance and currency.
    Orders IPreCheckOrderResponse [] List of resulting orders.
    PreCheckResult String Overall operation result.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    POST /trade/v2/orders/precheck
    Request Body
      "FieldGroups": [
      "Uic": 15521,
      "Amount": 10000,
      "BuySell": "Buy",
      "OrderType": "Market",
      "AssetType": "CfdOnStock",
      "OrderDuration": {
        "DurationType": "GoodTillDate",
        "ExpirationDateTime": "2024-08-02T14:00:00Z",
        "ExpirationDateContainsTime": true
      "AccountKey": "LZTc7DdejXODf-WSl2aCyQ=="
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "PreCheckResult": "Ok",
      "EstimatedCashRequired": 1500000,
      "EstimatedCashRequiredCurrency": "EUR",
      "MarginImpactBuySell": {
        "InitialMarginBuy": 12,
        "InitialMarginAvailableCurrent": 10470,
        "InitialMarginAvailableBuy": 10447,
        "MaintenanceMarginBuy": 11,
        "Currency": "USD"
      "Cost": {
        "Commission": 1000,
        "ExchangeFee": 0,
        "StampDuty": 0,
        "GuaranteedStopFee": 0
      "EstimatedTotalCost": 1500000,
      "EstimatedTotalCostInAccountCurrency": 1500000,
      "InstrumentToAccountConversionRate": 1