Specifies supported order types placeable in the orders ticket.

  • Name Description
    Algorithmic Algo order.
    DealCapture Deal Capture Order. Specify to capture trades, which are already registered on Exchange, into Saxo System. Currently supported for selected partners only.
    GuaranteedStop Order Type currently not supported.
    Limit Limit Order.
    Market Market Order.
    Stop Stop Order.
    StopIfTraded Stop if traded.
    StopLimit Stop Limit Order.
    Switch Switch order, Sell X and Buy Y with one order.
    TrailingStop Trailing stop.
    TrailingStopIfTraded Trailing stop if traded.
    Traspaso Traspaso. Specific type of switch order. Only available on select MutualFunds.
    TraspasoIn TraspasoIn. Specific type of switch order
    TriggerBreakout Trigger breakout order. Specific type for trigger orders.
    TriggerLimit Trigger limit order. Specific type for trigger orders.
    TriggerStop Trigger stop order. Specific type for trigger orders.