The time frame during which the order is valid. If the DurationType is GoodTillDate, then an ExpirationDateTime must also be provided.

  • Name Type Description
    DurationType OrderDurationType The order duration type.
    ExpirationDateContainsTime Boolean The value indicating whether the ExpirationDateTime field contains the time. Notice, that the value can only be true for GoodTillDate duration type and the time must be provided in the ExpirationDateTime.
    ExpirationDateTime String The expiration date (and optionally exchange time). This field should only be set if the duration type is GoodTillDate. If the field contains the time, it must always be expressed in the exchange local time and the ExpirationDateContainsTime property must be set to true. Time zone indication must never be added. The time part should be in the following format: HH:mm, where HH is 24 hour clock. Seconds and milliseconds are rejected if set to a value other than 0.