A related or OCO order.

  • Name Type Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Unique key identifying the account to place the order on.
    AllocationKeyId String Set AllocationKey if block trade on IB account.
    Amount Number Order size.
    AmountType OrderAmountType Indicates if the order Amount is specified as lots/shares/contracts or as a monetary purchase amount in instrument currency. If CurrencyAmount, then use CashAmount. Defaults to Quantity Currently only supported on MutualFunds
    AppHint Integer Optional informational id, which will be added to the order for statistics purposes. Only relevant for Saxo applications
    AssetType AssetType The Instruments AssetType.
    BuySell BuySell The direction of the order; buy or sell.
    ExternalReference String Optional reference from the client app, to correlate orders with Saxo Bank issues order IDs. Maximum length: 50 characters. The order will be rejected if the reference is too long. This reference doesn’t have to be unique.
    ForwardDate Date Forward date that is only used for FxForward entry orders when no master order exists (but has PositionId or OrderId)
    IsForceOpen Boolean If true, the order's resulting position will only be netted with positions in the opposite direction when explicitly closed.
    ManualOrder Boolean Optional indicator for whether order is placed automatically or manually.
    OrderDuration OrderDuration The Order Duration.
    OrderId String Order Id for the first related order, used ONLY in the case of adding a second related order to a position or order. This field is used but having a related order contain just the orderId, and nothing else.
    OrderPrice Number Order Price. Optional for market orders.
    OrderType PlaceableOrderType Order type.
    StopLimitPrice Number Stop limit price for Stop Limit order
    SwitchInstrumentUic Integer The Uic of the instrument to be used for Switch And Traspaso orders, Mutual Funds Specific
    ToOpenClose ToOpenClose Whether the order should be created to open/increase or close/decrease a position. (Only relevant for options)
    TrailingStopDistanceToMarket Number Distance to market for a trailing stop order.
    TrailingStopStep Number Step size for trailing stop order.
    TraspasoIn TraspasoInDetails Information about Traspaso in external source instrument
    Uic Integer Unique id of the instrument to place the order for.