• Name Type Description
    Cost CostData Expected cost of executing the order.
    CostInAccountCurrency CostData Expected cost of executing the order in account currency.
    ErrorInfo StringErrorResponse Contains error info when placement of order failed.
    EstimatedCashRequired Number Estimated cash required.
    EstimatedCashRequiredCurrency String Estimated cash required currency.
    EstimatedTotalCost Number Expected total cost of executing the order in instrument currency.
    EstimatedTotalCostInAccountCurrency Number Estimated total cost currency.
    ExternalReference String Optional reference supplied when placing the order. Max. 50 characters.
    InstrumentToAccountConversionRate Number Rate used to convert from instrument currency to the account currency.
    MarginImpactBuySell MarginImpactBuySell Expected Margin Impact, including initial, maintenance and currency.
    PreCheckResult String Overall operation result.