• Create an active options chain subscription

    Sets up a subscription and returns an initial snapshot of the options chain specified by the parameters in the request.

    POST https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/trade/v1/optionschain/subscriptions

  • Modify an existing options chain subscription. This replaces the obsolete version subscriptions/active/{contextId}/{referenceId}

    Modifies an existing subscription. This is used for scrolling the options board, by providing either another set of expiries, or specifying another set of strikes to subscribe to. For changing to another instrument, it is recommended to create a new subscription and discard the old.

    PATCH https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/trade/v1/optionschain/subscriptions/{ContextId}/{ReferenceId}

  • Remove an options chain subscription

    Removes subscription for the current session identified by contextId and referenceId.

    DELETE https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/trade/v1/optionschain/subscriptions/{ContextId}/{ReferenceId}

  • Reset an options chain subscription "At The Money"

    Resets subscription for the current session identified by contextId and referenceId, to show strikes "at the money" for all the previously configured expiries. This method will not change the number of strikes, or which expires are subscribed to.

    PUT https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/trade/v1/optionschain/subscriptions/{ContextId}/{ReferenceId}/ResetATM