Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Query-String If specified, access permissions to the instrument and related instruments for the specified account will be evaluated. Optional.
    AssetType AssetType Route The AssetType of the instrument to get.
    ClientKey ClientKey Query-String If specified, access permissions to the instrument and related instruments for the specified client will be evaluated. Optional.
    FieldGroups InstrumentFieldGroup [] Query-String Specifies comma-separated list of additional fields to receive.
    Uic Uic Route The Universal Instrument Code (UIC) of the instrument to get.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    AmountDecimals Int The trading amount supported decimals.
    AssetType AssetType AssetType (Note: OptionRoots also have an asset type (FuturesOption, StockOption, StockIndexOption).
    BondIndexRatio Double Index ratio of bonds.
    BondType BondType The type of bond.
    ContractSize Decimal No of units of the underlying instrument covered by one contract.
    Coupon Decimal Coupon (relevant for bonds only)
    CouponType BondsCouponType Type of a coupon (relevant for bonds only)
    CurrencyCode String The ISO currency code of the instrument/symbol.
    CutOffTimeForSubscriptions TimeSpan Cut off time for Mutual fund subscriptions, only available for Mutual Funds
    DefaultAmount Decimal Default amount suggested for trading this Instrument
    DefaultSlippage Double The default slippage (only set for FX DMA instruments)
    DefaultSlippageType DefaultSlippageType The default slippage type - either pips or percentage (only set for FX DMA instruments)
    DeflationFloorProtectionType LocalizedInfo Deflation floor protection, applicable only for Inflation Linked Bonds.
    Description String Description of Instrument (DAX Index - Nov 2013), in English.
    DisplayHint DisplayHintType Hint to the client application about how it should display the instrument.
    Exchange ExchangeSummary Information about the exchange where this instrument or the underlying instrument is traded. <ul><li>For most instruments this is the exchange where this instrument is traded.</li><li>For CFDs on stocks and futures, it is the exchange where the underlying instrument is traded.</li><li>For CFDs on stock indices, it is the exchange of the underlying ticker.</li></ul>
    ExerciseCutOffTime TimeSpan The latest time at which an option can be exercised within a given day. This cutoff is specified in Exchange local time.
    ExpiryDate Date Expiry date of the instrument. Applicable for Types: Futures, CfdOnFutures, ContractOptions
    ExpiryDateTime UtcDateTime The moment that the instrument expires, specified in UTC time. CfdOnFutures only.
    Format PriceDisplayFormat Price formatting information
    FxForwardMaxForwardDate UtcDateTime The latest possible forward date for a forex instrument that can be traded as forward.
    FxForwardMinForwardDate UtcDateTime The earliest possible forward date for a forex instrument that can be traded as forward.
    FxSpotDate UtcDateTime Spot date for a forex instrument. Applicable for Types: FxSpot, FxForwards and FxSwap Will be removed May 2019, please use standard date endpoint to get FxSpotDate
    GroupId Int The GroupId value is used to group and structure instruments list. 0 is being used for ungrouped data.
    IncrementSize Decimal The rate at which price should be incremented when done in steps.
    IpoDetails IpoDetails InitialPublicOffering details
    IsComplex Bool Is the instrument (complex)?
    IsDmaEnabled Bool Indicates if the instrument has direct market access (only FxSpot)
    IsExtendedTradingHoursEnabled Bool Indicate whether Extended Trading is enabled for instrument True if enabled, false otherwise.
    IsPEAEligible Bool Indicates if the instrument is PEA Eligible
    IsPEASMEEligible Bool Indicates if the instrument is PEA-PME Eligible
    IsPitTraded Bool Is this instrument pit traded (used for informational display to user).
    IsTradable Bool Is the instrument (currently) tradable by the user represented in the API token?
    Legs StrategyLeg [] Strategy Legs (for Futures Strategies).
    LotSize Decimal The LotSize, how many contracts in a lot traded?.
    LotSizeText String Lot size description for the instrument. Futures only.
    LotSizeType LotSizeType Lotsize Type.
    MaxGuaranteedStopOrderSize Decimal The maximum size of a (guaranteed) stop order for this instrument.
    MinimumLotSize Decimal The minimum number of items of the instrument to buy. Stock and CFDs only.
    MinimumOrderValue Decimal Minimum value for each order. Applicable for Types: Shares, CfdOnFutures
    MinimumTradeSize Decimal The minimum trade size of a given contract. For CFDs and Stocks this value indicates number of contracts. For ETOs and Futures this value indicates the minimum number of lots that can be traded. In addition, the value is always 1 for ETOs and Futures. However, 1 lot can represent any number of contracts. For FX and Bonds this value indicates nominal amount.
    MinimumTradeSizeCurrency String The minimum trade size currency of MutualFund
    NonTradableReason NonTradableReasons Optional reason of why the TradingStatus is not tradable.
    NoticeDate Date Notice date of the instrument. Futures only.
    OptionsChainSubscriptionAllowed Bool Options only. Is an options chain subscription allowed for this instrument.
    OrderDistances OrderDistances Minimal order distances for each order type.
    OrderSetting OrderSetting Order setting of an instrument
    PriceCurrency String Price currency of the instrument.
    PriceToContractFactor Decimal Price to contract factor. Applicable for Types: Futures, CfdOnFutures, ContractOptions, CfdIndices.
    PrimaryListing Int The uic of the primary listing of this instrument. For stocks and CFDs, this is the instrument traded on the exchange of the same country as issuer country. For expiring instruments, this is the next expiring instance.
    PutCall PutCall Contract options only. Indicates whether the options is a put option or a call option.
    RelatedInstruments InstrumentKey [] List of related UICs and asset types.
    RelatedOptionRoots Obsolete Int [] . Please use RelatedOptionRootsEnhanced instead. This field will be removed from December 2020.
    RelatedOptionRootsEnhanced RelatedOptionRoot [] List of related Option root id's combined with asset type.
    SettlementStyle SettlementStyle Contract options only. The settlement style of the contract option, i.e. either cash or physical delivery.
    ShortTradeDisabled Bool Indicates whether short trade is disabled. True if disabled, false otherwise.
    StandardAmounts Decimal [] Standard amounts. Used for drop downs in trade tickets.
    StrategyType StrategyType Strategy Type. For calendar spreads.
    StrikePrice Decimal The strike price. Used on contract options.
    SupportedOrderTypes PlaceableOrderType [] What types of orders can be placed on this instrument ( or option)
    SupportedOrderTypeSettings SupportedOrderTypeSetting [] Field Group - Order type settings for each order type supported by current instrument.
    SupportedStrategies String [] Algo order strategies which are allowed on this instrument.
    Symbol String Symbol- A combination of letters used to uniquely identify a traded instrument. e.g. ODAX/X13C8950:xeur or EURUSD.
    TickSize Decimal Minimum price movement of an instrument.
    TickSizeLimitOrder Decimal Minimum price increment when placing a limit order.
    TickSizeScheme TickSizeScheme The tick size scheme of the instrument. Relevant for Stock, CFDs on Stock and contract options.
    TickSizeStopOrder Decimal Minimum price increment when placing a stop order.
    TradableAs AssetType [] For instruments: How can an instrument with "this" uic also be traded.
    TradableOn String [] Specifies what accounts the calling client can trade this instrument or option space on.
    TradingSessions InstrumentTradeSessions Trading sessions of an instrument
    TradingStatus TradingStatus Indicates whether the instrument is currently tradable by the user represented in the API token.
    TradingUnitsPlural String Trading units plural. CFD on Futures only.
    TradingUnitsSingular String Trading units singular. CFD on Futures only.
    Uic Int Universal Instrument Code.
    UnderlyingAssetType AssetType The asset type of the underlying instrument.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET ref/v1/instruments/details/22/FxSpot/?FieldGroups=[ "OrderSetting" ]&AccountKey=DQz2b6bH|Ybd9FrsghsJxQ==&ClientKey=493b43a5-fe85-4d1f-9071-dd4a9d4e42a4&MarketDataProvider=Factset&IgnorePermission=false
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "AffiliateInfoRequired": false,
      "AmountDecimals": 0,
      "AssetType": "FxSpot",
      "CurrencyCode": "AUD",
      "DefaultAmount": 100000.0,
      "DefaultSlippage": 0.01,
      "DefaultSlippageType": "Percentage",
      "Description": "British Pound/Australian Dollar",
      "Exchange": {
        "CountryCode": "DK",
        "ExchangeId": "SBFX",
        "Name": "Inter Bank"
      "ExerciseCutOffTime": "00:00:00",
      "Format": {
        "Decimals": 4,
        "Format": "AllowDecimalPips",
        "OrderDecimals": 4
      "FxForwardMaxForwardDate": "2018-05-08T00:00:00Z",
      "FxForwardMinForwardDate": "2017-05-03T00:00:00Z",
      "GroupId": 0,
      "IncrementSize": 5000.0,
      "IpoDetails": {
        "Denominations": [
      "IsRedemptionByAmounts": false,
      "IsTradable": true,
      "MinimumTradeSize": 1000.0,
      "NonTradableReason": "None",
      "OrderDistances": {
        "EntryDefaultDistance": 0.0,
        "EntryDefaultDistanceType": "Percentage",
        "LimitDefaultDistance": 0.0,
        "LimitDefaultDistanceType": "Percentage",
        "StopLimitDefaultDistance": 5.0,
        "StopLimitDefaultDistanceType": "Pips",
        "StopLossDefaultDistance": 0.5,
        "StopLossDefaultDistanceType": "Percentage",
        "StopLossDefaultEnabled": false,
        "StopLossDefaultOrderType": "Stop",
        "TakeProfitDefaultDistance": 0.5,
        "TakeProfitDefaultDistanceType": "Percentage",
        "TakeProfitDefaultEnabled": false
      "SettlementStyle": "PhysicalDelivery",
      "ShortTradeDisabled": true,
      "StandardAmounts": [
      "SupportedOrderTriggerPriceTypes": [
      "SupportedOrderTypes": [
      "Symbol": "GBPAUD",
      "TickSize": 5E-05,
      "TradableAs": [
      "TradableOn": [
      "TradingSignals": "NotAllowed",
      "TradingStatus": "NotDefined",
      "Uic": 22