FIX Trading API

The Saxo Bank FIX Server Certification Guide was created to outline a set of test scenarios for clients that would like to certify their FIX client application.

Clients wishing to pass certification must demonstrate functional and technical compliance with the test objectives. A Saxo Bank representative will be available throughout the tests to direct activities and ensure a smooth transition to production.

The Saxo FIX Automated FIX Testing (SAFT) will handle incoming order requests according to predefined scenarios rather than current market conditions. SAFT is not connected to Saxo trading systems so these simulation orders cannot be looked up in the Saxo GUIs and fills will not be booked on clients simulation accounts.

The trigger for the different scenarios is the initial order quantity when the order is placed (OrderQty of NewOrderSingle). Subsequent changes to the order quantity will not make the scenario change.

This document is not intended as a description of Saxo Bank’s FIX server nor the FIX protocol itself. Please refer to Saxo Direct FIX API Specification and FIX protocol ( for information on these subjects.


The client should abide to the best practices and recommendations from FIX Protocol Ltd (FPL) concerning the session level messages flows.

The client should demonstrate the ability to place, amend and cancel orders on stocks and mutual funds. Most of the important requirements can be tested using the SAFT system. Once this has been done, the client should inform their contact person at Saxo Bank ETCS team at, with the notion of having the logs reviewed.