FIX Trading API

Automatic Reconnect

The client should be able to reconnect automatically in the event of being disconnected on any of the sessions used.

Tag 141

In the event that a session gets out of sync, the client can request a reset of the sequence number in the logon message by using tag 141.
However, to ensure that the client does not end up in an endless loop, trying to log on one time after the other, should the logon message be rejected for other reasons than the sequence number being too low, it is recommended that the client only tries this 5 times before contacting Saxo Bank.

Reset of Sequence Numbers

The client should demonstrate the ability to logoff before the maintenance window, reset the sequence numbers, and automatically logon when the new session begins.

Keep session Alive

The client should be able to log on and keep the session alive for a period of 48 hours without any major disruption in the communication. 2.3 APPLICATION LEVE