OpenAPI for Excel

Most users start building their applications in the simulation environment using a temporary demo account (see Get Started in 5 Minutes or Less). The simulation environment matches the functionality of the live environment, except for limitations on instruments, market data, signals, news wires, and report generation. In addition, the simulation environment is usually at a higher version number, as new functionality is tested 'in SIM' before being deployed to the LIVE OpenAPI environment. Technical issues in the simulation environment are handled with lower priority.

Trading on LIVE

Existing (direct) Saxo Bank clients have access to the LIVE environment in Excel in both ReadOnly and "real" LIVE mode (see image above). The ReadOnly mode exists to allow users to log into a 'safe' environment that is unable to trade for testing purposes. When logged in as ReadOnly, Excel can perform any function except from placing trades (an order can be sent to the OpenAPI, but it will be rejected). This mode is great for testing an app with market data (which does not exist in SIM as of now).