Trade Event Notification System


The Trade Event Notification Service is an optional integration functionality built to support Institutional Clients, who have a need for a real-time supplement to the End of Day files.


TENS monitors the trade and process flows at Saxo Group. It publishes trades, position events, and system notifications. These notifications are available for both live and simulated systems.
TENS can be used for a number of purposes: As a risk management tool to record margin calls, as a service alert passed on to underlying customers (for a White Label Client) and for resolving specific reporting and reconciliation tasks at client side.
The TENService is able to provide real-time notifications in the following areas:

  • Positions
  • Orders
  • Margin Calls
  • Funding

Please see below figure for an overview of the notifications and the various delivery methods available.
PositionsOrdersMargin callsFundingsTENS engineFIX sessionFile transferE-mailSWIFT



In order to implement TENS it is important that the Institutional Client's organisation has the necessary knowledge and technical skills to implement the solution.


Suggested skillset

Work with XML files (file transfer and e-mail)

Software development: XML parsing and XML Schema Definition (XSD).

Work with FIX messages

Software development: FIX protocol and engine.

Work with SWIFT messages

Software development: SWIFT parsing.

Establish file transfer

IT operations: File transfer protocols (FTPS/SFTP) and configuration of either a server or a client.

Extract e-mail

Software development: E-mail client API allowing access to client inbox.

Connect to FIX server

IT operations: Establishing connectivity using VPN.

Receive SWIFT messages

Banking: Understanding the SWIFT ecosystem.