• Get all price alert definitions

    Get an unsorted list of all the price alert definitions belonging to the current user where the state matches the specified value. The alerts might belong to different accounts, should the user have more than one

    Had to set the type of state to a string to make the routing work correctly.

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/vas/v1/pricealerts/definitions?$inlinecount={$inlinecount}&$skip={$skip}&$top={$top}&State={State}

  • Create a price alert definition

    Creates a new price alert definition. The created definition is returned with a couple of more properties, the price alert definition id being one of them

    Automatically generates an ID for the newly added alert and composes its URI and returns that in the 'Location' header.

    POST https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/vas/v1/pricealerts/definitions

  • Get a price alert definition

    Returns a price alert definition if found

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/vas/v1/pricealerts/definitions/{AlertDefinitionId}

  • Update a price alert definition

    Updates an existing price alert definition

    PUT https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/vas/v1/pricealerts/definitions/{AlertDefinitionId}

  • Delete price alert definitions

    Deletes the specified price alert definitions

    DELETE https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/vas/v1/pricealerts/definitions/{AlertDefinitionIds}

  • Get notification settings

    Returns the current user's price alert notification settings

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/vas/v1/pricealerts/usersettings

  • Update notification settings

    Modifies the current user's price alert notification settings

    PUT https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/vas/v1/pricealerts/usersettings