Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Body Unique key identifying the account.
    AlgoOrderData AlgorithmicOrderData Body Specification of StrategyName and parameters for AlgoOrders. Note: AlgoOrders are only supported on the live system.
    Amount Number Body Order size.
    AssetType AssetType Body The Instruments AssetType. This field is only used for validation of other fields of the change request, and will not be checked against the original order, nor used to change the instrument type.
    DecisionMakerUserID String Body The ID of the user who has accepted the advice to place an order.
    IsForceOpen Boolean Body If true, the order's resulting position will only be netted with positions in the opposite direction when explicitly closed.
    OrderDuration OrderDuration Body The Order Duration.
    OrderId String Body Id of order to change.
    OrderPrice Number Body Order Price. Optional for market orders.
    Orders RelatedOrOcoOrder [] Body Related or OCO orders to change.
    OrderType PlaceableOrderType Body The Order Type.
    StopLimitPrice Number Body Stop limit price for Stop Limit order.
    TraderId String Body Trader Id, Used only if the application is configured for supporting it with length of 2-16 chars.
    TrailingStopDistanceToMarket Number Body Distance to market for a trailing stop order.
    TrailingStopStep Number Body Step size for trailing stop order.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    ErrorInfo StringErrorResponse Contains error info when request failed.
    ExternalReference String Optional reference supplied when placing the order. Max. 50 characters.
    OrderId String Id of order. No value provided if request failed.
    Orders RelatedOrOcoOrder [] List of resulting orders.
    PreTradeDisclaimers PreTradeDisclaimers Represent pre trades disclaimers not accepted by user.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    PATCH /trade/v2/orders
    Request Body
      "AccountKey": "LZTc7DdejXODf-WSl2aCyQ==",
      "Amount": 100000,
      "OrderType": "Limit",
      "AssetType": "FxSpot"
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "OrderId": "67762872",
      "Orders": [
          "OrderId": "67762872"