Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    Arguments PriceRequest Body Arguments for the subscription request.
    ContextId String Body The streaming context id that this request is associated with. This parameter must only contain letters (a-z) and numbers (0-9) as well as - (dash) and _ (underscore). It is case insensitive. Max length is 50 characters.
    Format String Body Optional Media type (RFC 2046) of the serialized data updates that are streamed to the client. Currently only application/json and application/x-protobuf is supported. If an unrecognized format is specified, the subscription end point will return HTTP status code 400 - Bad format.
    ReferenceId String Body Mandatory client specified reference id for the subscription. This parameter must only contain alphanumberic characters as well as - (dash) and _ (underscore). Cannot start with _. It is case insensitive. Max length is 50 characters.
    RefreshRate Integer Body Optional custom refresh rate, measured in milliseconds, between each data update. Note that it is not possible to get a refresh rate lower than the rate specified in the customer service level agreement (SLA).
    ReplaceReferenceId String Body Reference id of the subscription that should be replaced.
    Tag String Body Optional client specified tag used for grouping subscriptions.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    ContextId String The streaming context id that this response is associated with.
    Format String The media type (RFC 2046), of the serialized data updates that are streamed to the client.
    InactivityTimeout Integer The time (in seconds) that the client should accept the subscription to be inactive before considering it invalid.
    ReferenceId String The reference id that (along with streaming context id and session id) identifies the subscription (within the context of a specific service/subscription type)
    RefreshRate Integer Actual refresh rate assigned to the subscription according to the customers SLA.
    Snapshot PriceResponse Snapshot of the current data on hand, when subscription was created.
    State String This property is kept for backwards compatibility.
    Tag String Client specified tag assigned to the subscription, if specified in the request.
  • Streaming Response Parameters

    Name Type Description
    Data PriceResponse The type of data transported by the DomainEvent instance (e.g. price update, position list update etc.).
    PartitionNumber Integer The partition number if this DomainEvent is a partition.
    ReferenceId String Client specified id, which is sent back to the client with every data update.
    Timestamp UtcDateTime The UTC date and time of the event.
    TotalPartitions Integer The total number of partitions if this DomainEvent is a partition.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    POST /trade/v1/prices/subscriptions
    Request Body
      "Arguments": {
        "Uic": 22,
        "AccountKey": "LZTc7DdejXODf-WSl2aCyQ==",
        "AssetType": "FxVanillaOption",
        "Amount": 100000,
        "ExpiryDate": "2017-06-01T00:00:00Z",
        "PutCall": "Call",
        "FieldGroups": [
      "ContextId": "20240417024750279",
      "ReferenceId": "IP74835",
      "RefreshRate": 1000,
      "Format": "application/json"
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "Snapshot": {
        "Quote": {
          "RFQState": "None",
          "Amount": 100000,
          "Bid": 0.01962,
          "PriceTypeBid": "Indicative",
          "Ask": 0.02257,
          "PriceTypeAsk": "Indicative",
          "Mid": 0.0210958157864443,
          "DelayedByMinutes": 15,
          "ErrorCode": "None"
        "LastUpdated": "2017-05-01T00:00:00Z",
        "Uic": 22,
        "AssetType": "FxSpot",
        "Commissions": "",
        "MarginImpactBuySell": "",
        "HistoricalChanges": {
          "PercentChangeDaily": 0.2,
          "PercentChangeWeekly": 0.88,
          "PercentChange1Month": 5.57,
          "PercentChange2Months": 5.83,
          "PercentChange3Months": 3.73,
          "PercentChange6Months": 6.49
        "DisplayAndFormat": {
          "Symbol": "GBPAUD",
          "Description": "British Pound/Australian Dollar",
          "Currency": "AUD",
          "Decimals": 4,
          "Format": "AllowDecimalPips",
          "StrikeDecimals": 4,
          "StrikeFormat": "Normal"
        "PriceInfoDetails": "",
        "InstrumentPriceDetails": {
          "IsMarketOpen": true,
          "ShortTradeDisabled": false,
          "ValueDate": "2017-06-05T00:00:00Z",
          "ExpiryDate": "2017-06-01T00:00:00Z",
          "SpotDate": "2017-06-03T00:00:00Z",
          "SpotAsk": 1.71782,
          "SpotBid": 1.71692,
          "MidForwardPrice": 1.71992423552514,
          "StrikePrice": 1.7175,
          "SpreadStrikePriceUpper": 12,
          "SpreadStrikePriceLower": 11,
          "Barrier": 1,
          "LowerBarrier": -2,
          "UpperBarrier": 4,
          "AverageVolume": 12345000
        "InHouseQuote": {
          "Bid": 0.01962,
          "PriceTypeBid": "Tradable",
          "Ask": 0.02257,
          "PriceTypeAsk": "Tradable",
          "PriceSource": "SaxoBank",
          "BidSize": 1000000,
          "AskSize": 1000000
      "ContextId": "20240417024750279",
      "ReferenceId": "IP74835",
      "Tag": "PAGE1",
      "InactivityTimeout": 30,
      "RefreshRate": 1000,
      "Format": "application/json",
      "State": "Active"
  • Streaming Response Example

    Response body