Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Query-String Unique key identifying the account used in retrieving the price. Only required when calling context represents an authenticated user.
    Amount Decimal Query-String Order size, defaults to minimal order size for given instrument.
    AmountType OrderAmountType Query-String
    AssetType AssetType Query-String The instrument's asset type
    ExpiryDate UtcDateTime Query-String Optional expiry date - only relevant for options
    FieldGroups InfoPriceGroupSpec [] Query-String Specification of fields to return in results
    ForwardDate UtcDateTime Query-String Forward date
    ForwardDateFarLeg UtcDateTime Query-String Forward date for far leg
    ForwardDateNearLeg UtcDateTime Query-String Forward date for near leg
    LowerBarrier Decimal Query-String Lower barrier
    OrderAskPrice Decimal Query-String Price when buying. Used when subscribing on a price to get a corresponsing cost of buying.
    OrderBidPrice Decimal Query-String Price when selling. Used when subscribing on a price to get a corresponsing cost of buying.
    PutCall PutCall Query-String Put/call of an Option.
    QuoteCurrency Bool Query-String
    StrikePrice Decimal Query-String Strike price
    ToOpenClose ToOpenClose Query-String
    Uic Int Query-String Unique id of the instrument
    UpperBarrier Decimal Query-String Upper barrier
  • Response Parameters

    View Response Codes
    Name Type Description
    AssetType AssetType Asset Type of the instrument
    Commissions Commissions The commissions
    DisplayAndFormat InstrumentDisplayAndFormat Information about the instrument of the net position and how to display it.
    ErrorCode TradingErrorCode Error code, only there if instrument doesn't exist
    ErrorMessage String Error message, only there if instrument doesn't exist
    HistoricalChanges HistoricalChanges The historical price changes
    InstrumentPriceDetails InstrumentPriceDetails Instrument Specific Price Details. Contents vary by AssetType
    LastUpdated UtcDateTime Time of last price update.
    MarketDepth MarketDepth The market depth
    PriceInfo PriceInfo Brief price information.
    PriceInfoDetails PriceInfoDetails Detailed price information
    PriceSource String The source for the price information
    Quote Quote The quote data.
    Uic Int Uic of instrument
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET trade/v1/infoprices/?Uic=22&AccountKey=01b64edf-da03-4145-bf33-ae21527d4c86&AssetType=CfdOnFund&Amount=10.0&ForwardDate=2021-05-21T00:00:00Z&ExpiryDate=2021-05-21T00:00:00Z&StrikePrice=10.0&OrderAskPrice=10.0&OrderBidPrice=10.0&LowerBarrier=10.0&UpperBarrier=10.0&PutCall=Call&FieldGroups=[ "InstrumentPriceDetails" ]&AmountType=Quantity&ForwardDateNearLeg=2021-05-21T00:00:00Z&ForwardDateFarLeg=2021-05-21T00:00:00Z&ToOpenClose=ToClose&QuoteCurrency=false
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "AssetType": "FxSpot",
      "DisplayAndFormat": {
        "Currency": "AUD",
        "Decimals": 4,
        "Description": "British Pound/Australian Dollar",
        "Format": "AllowDecimalPips",
        "OrderDecimals": 4,
        "Symbol": "GBPAUD"
      "HistoricalChanges": {
        "PercentChange1Month": 1.21,
        "PercentChange2Months": 2.95,
        "PercentChange3Months": 1.85,
        "PercentChange6Months": -1.83,
        "PercentChangeDaily": 0.22,
        "PercentChangeWeekly": 1.67
      "InstrumentPriceDetails": {
        "IsMarketOpen": true,
        "ShortTradeDisabled": false,
        "ValueDate": "2017-05-19"
      "LastUpdated": "0001-01-01T00:00:00Z",
      "PriceInfo": {
        "High": 1.09117,
        "Low": 1.08853,
        "NetChange": 0.00048,
        "PercentChange": 0.04
      "PriceInfoDetails": {
        "AskSize": 1000000.0,
        "BidSize": 1000000.0,
        "LastClose": 1.08932,
        "LastTraded": 0.0,
        "LastTradedSize": 0.0,
        "Open": 0.0,
        "Volume": 0.0
      "Quote": {
        "Amount": 100000,
        "Ask": 1.74948,
        "Bid": 1.74858,
        "DelayedByMinutes": 15,
        "ErrorCode": "None",
        "Mid": 1.74903,
        "PriceTypeAsk": "Indicative",
        "PriceTypeBid": "Indicative"
      "Uic": 22