Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    ClientKey ClientKey Route Unique key identifying the Client.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    AccountValueProtectionLimit Number If set, this value shields the total client value from going below the given limit by automatically triggering closing of positions should the limit be exceeded. A limit of zero means there is no limit.
    AllowedNettingProfiles ClientPositionNettingProfile [] Allowed Netting Profiles for Client.
    AllowedTradingSessions AllowedTradingSessions Indicates if the client is allowed for extended trading hours.
    ClientId String Unique ID of the client - for display to the user.
    ClientKey ClientKey The unique key for the client.
    CollateralMonitoringMode CollateralMonitoringMode Collateral Monitoring Mode. Null when entity is not monitored on collateral.
    ContractOptionsTradingProfile ContractOptionsTradingProfile Specifies the contract options trading profile.
    ContractType ClientContractType Client Contract Type. Null if Client contract doesn’t belong to joint account.
    CurrencyDecimals Integer Number of decimals used in currency.
    DefaultAccountId String The default account for this client.
    DefaultAccountKey AccountKey The unique key for the client's default account.
    DefaultCurrency String The default currency for this client. Used for example for aggregation: if the client has accounts in multiple currencies, show the aggregated P/L in the this currency.
    ForceOpenDefaultValue Boolean If True, the order(s) placed by default will be set to force open , therfore resulting positions will not automatically be netted with positions in the opposite direction.
    IsMarginTradingAllowed Boolean Indicates whether trading on margin is allowed for the account.
    IsVariationMarginEligible Boolean Indicates if the client is enabled for withdrawal of unrealized profit/loss of derivatives positions.
    LegalAssetTypes AssetType [] The combined list of asset types, which can be traded on at least one of the accounts owned by this client.
    LegalAssetTypesAreIndicative Boolean Certain clients have LegalAssetTypes on the account level and there may be instrument specific exceptions, so the client application must look up the individual instruments in Ref/InstrumentDetails to determine trade and prices permissions.
    MarginCalculationMethod PortfolioMarginMethod Calculation method for assessing margin utilization.
    MarginMonitoringMode MarginMonitoringMode Margin Monitoring Mode. Null when entity is not monitored on margin.
    MutualFundsCashAmountOrderCurrency MutualFundsCashAmountOrderCurrency Indicates the currency used when placing MutualFunds orders with OrderAmountType.CashAmount.
    Name String The name of the client.
    PositionNettingMethod ClientPositionNettingMethod The position netting method for this client.
    PositionNettingMode ClientPositionNettingMode The position netting mode for this client.
    PositionNettingProfile ClientPositionNettingProfile The position netting profile for this client.
    ReduceExposureOnly Boolean If True, Client has been marked to reduce exposure.
    SecurityLendingEnabled SecurityLendingEnabled Indicates if the client is enabled for security lending.
    SupportsAccountValueProtectionLimit Boolean If true, an AccountValueProtectionLimit may be set on the client level. If it is false, the AccountValueProtectionLimit must be set on individual accounts or on account group level.
    TaxRegime TaxRegimeType Specifies the contract options trading profile.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET /port/v1/clients/5DG7K1P5cqYBZ77tl7Af4w==
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "AllowedTradingSessions": "Regular",
      "ClientId": "654321",
      "ClientKey": "V-B8jOk9SM8QdqN1u2Bjtw==",
      "ContractOptionsTradingProfile": "None",
      "CurrencyDecimals": 0,
      "DefaultAccountId": "192134INET",
      "DefaultAccountKey": "uke8gbCUrk6l7TnS5fnIdQ==",
      "DefaultCurrency": "EUR",
      "ForceOpenDefaultValue": false,
      "IsMarginTradingAllowed": false,
      "IsVariationMarginEligible": false,
      "LegalAssetTypes": [
      "LegalAssetTypesAreIndicative": false,
      "MarginCalculationMethod": "Default",
      "Name": "Mr. Anthony Test",
      "PositionNettingMethod": "FIFO",
      "PositionNettingMode": "EndOfDay",
      "PositionNettingProfile": "FifoEndOfDay",
      "ReduceExposureOnly": false,
      "SupportsAccountValueProtectionLimit": false