• Get accounts of a client

    Returns a list of all accounts owned by the specified client

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts?$inlinecount={$inlinecount}&$skip={$skip}&$top={$top}&ClientKey={ClientKey}&IncludeSubAccounts={IncludeSubAccounts}

  • Get account

    Returns the details about a single account

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts/{AccountKey}

  • Update account

    Updates account details, particularly the user account shield value, the benchmark instrument or the account display name.

    PATCH https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts/{AccountKey}

  • Reset trial account

    Resets a trial account. Cannot be used in live environment.

    PUT https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts/{AccountKey}/reset

  • Get accounts

    Returns all accounts under a particular client to which the logged in user belongs.

    GET https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts/me?$inlinecount={$inlinecount}&$skip={$skip}&$top={$top}

  • Subscribe to accounts

    Creates a subscription on a list accounts, makes it active and returns an initial snapshot containing a list of accounts as specified by the parameters in the request.

    POST https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts/subscriptions

  • Remove subscriptions by tag

    Removes all subscriptions for the current session on this resource marked with a specific tag, and frees all resources on the server.

    DELETE https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts/subscriptions/{ContextId}?Tag={Tag}

  • Remove subscription

    Removes subscription for the current session identified by subscription id.

    DELETE https://gateway.saxobank.com/sim/openapi/port/v1/accounts/subscriptions/{ContextId}/{ReferenceId}