A price alert definition contains the information needed to know when to trigger an alert. Service clients subscribe to price alert definitions in order to receive the alerts.

  • Name Type Description
    AccountId String The account that owns this price alert definition.
    AlertDefinitionId String The ID of this .
    AssetType AssetType The type of instrument that this alert is monitoring.
    ClientId String The client that owns this price alert definition.
    Comment String An optional comment associated with the price alert definition. The maximum supported length of the string is 128 characters.
    ExpiryDate UtcDateTime The UTC date and time that the price alert definition will expire and then be removed from the system. The date and time is specified in Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) and should be formatted as "yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ssZ".
    IsExtendedHours Boolean An optional flag to indicate if price alert definition is valid in extended hours trading. Default will be set to false.
    IsRecurring Boolean Is the alert only triggered once or will the alerts keep recurring until the alert expires.
    Operator PriceAlertComparisonOperator The boolean operator used to compare the current price with the defined value.
    PriceVariable PriceVariable The aspect of the price that is being monitored.
    State PriceAlertDefinitionState A price alert definition can be enabled, disabled or suspended. RecentlyTriggered is used for recurring alerts, so that they don't trigger constantly once the condition has been met.
    TargetValue Number The value that the current price is compared to.
    Uic Integer Universal Instrument Code (UIC).
    UserId String The ID of the user that owns this price alert definition.