Information related to contract options.

  • Name Type Description
    Barrier Decimal The barrier knock-out level. For some instruments this is refereed to as a built-in stop loss.
    ExpiryCut ExpiryCut The expiry cut.
    ExpiryDate Date The expiry date.
    FinancingLevel Decimal Indicates the financing level used to calculate accrued interest for the instrument.
    LowerBarrier Decimal The lower barrier.
    PremiumDate Date The premium date.
    PremiumTradeDate Date The premium trade date.
    PutCall PutCall The put/call side.
    SpreadStrikePriceLower Decimal Lower strike price for spread based derivatives.
    SpreadStrikePriceUpper Decimal Upper strike price for spread based derivatives.
    Strike Decimal The strike.
    ToOpenClose ToOpenClose The to open/close.
    TradePerspective TradePerspective Indicates if a structured product is to be presented as call,put,long,short,bear or bull.
    UpperBarrier Decimal The upper barrier.