Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    $skiptoken String Query-String Id token of entity to start taking elements from.
    $top Int Query-String Optional number of elements to retrieve.
    AccountGroupKey AccountGroupKey Query-String Filter by accounts in an account group.
    AccountKey AccountKey Query-String Account Key
    ClientKey ClientKey Query-String Client Key
    CorrelationKey String Query-String Entry must relate to specified correlationKey
    From UtcDateTime Query-String From Date
    LogEntryTypes LogEntryType [] Query-String Select the subset of activities to return
    PostingId String Query-String Entry must refer to specified PostingId
    To UtcDateTime Query-String To Date
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    AccountId String The id of the account to which this activity entry is related
    AppId Int ID of app that caused activity.
    ClientId String The id of the client to which this activity entry is related
    CorrelationKey String CorrelationKey
    Created UtcDateTime Date of the activity log entry
    Description String Textual description of the activity log entry, which can be displayed to an end user
    GeoLocation String Location of client at the time of activity. May not be present. Usually in format: City, Country.
    IpAddress String IP address of client at the time of activity. May not be present.
    LogId String Activity Log Entry Id
    PostingId String Either OrderId or PositionId
    UserId String The id of the user to which this activity is related
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET cs/v1/audit/activities/?$top=677255869&$skiptoken=21700f0a-b575-4ffe-a8f2-37305d7dbca1&ClientKey=3c4620c5-943e-4100-9011-4c94272d89ad&From=2023-08-21T07:21:32.724402Z&To=2024-03-01T21:28:55.260496Z&LogEntryTypes=Security&AccountKey=c4c6b84d-25b0-41d9-b280-7fdd90d6355f&PostingId=106472330&CorrelationKey=481bf7ae-bbcc-4187-b198-8ad02103c933&AccountGroupKey=value312d3fbc-6e05-44f1-ad70-cb7bc37f030c
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "__next": "/openapi/....../?$top=1&$skip=1",
      "Data": [
          "AccountId": "192134INET",
          "ClientId": "2147279170",
          "CorrelationKey": "481bf7ae-bbcc-4187-b198-8ad02103c933",
          "Created": "2014-01-23T00:00:00Z",
          "Description": "Position 106472330: Tomorrow / Next Roll. Position rolled from the 17 Dec 2014 to the 18 Dec 2014. Old price: 1.21298, New price: 1.21301",
          "LogId": "193733",
          "PostingId": "106472330",
          "UserId": "54658"