Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    $skip Int Query-String Optional number of elements to skip.
    $top Int Query-String Optional number of elements to retrieve.
    ClientKey ClientKey Query-String Client identifier to get events for
    SortColumn SortColumn Query-String Specify a column to sort on. Default sorting on records is descending by ReceivedDate and ascending by IssuerName.
    SortType SortType Query-String Specify ascending or descending sort. Default sort type will be Ascending.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    AccountId String Account id
    ActionUrl String The URL to launch ProxyVote.com or ReorgAction.com, depending on the event type
    Cins String 9-character CINS. Only provided if applicable to the security
    Cusip String 9-character CUSIP. Only provided if applicable to the security.
    CutoffDate Date The last date by when an action on the event will be accepted
    DeliveryType CodeDescription Delivery type
    IsinCode String 12-character ISIN. Only provided if applicable to the security
    IssuerName String Issuer/Security name up to 80 characters in length. For US securities, the name is on the 6-digit CUSIP level. When the CUSIP is a fund, the 9-character CUSIP description will be displayed.
    JobNumber String 6-character Broadridge generated internal identifier used to track the event. Not applicable to distribution types PostSale and Class Action.
    Materials ProxyVotingMaterial [] Materials/documents for event
    ReceivedDate Date Date when event was first made available
    Status CodeDescription Status of event
    StatusDate Date Date of when the status last changed. Only applies to “status” with a code of either VW, VT, or EL.
    Subtype CodeDescription Distribution subtype
    Ticker String Ticker symbol of the issuer/security up to 8 characters in length. Optional and only available for certain markets.
    Type CodeDescription Distribution type
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET ca/v1/proxyvoting/events/?$top=99&$skip=99&ClientKey=W-CgwnsUEpETkiR8MPJalA==&SortType=Desc&SortColumn=TypeDescription
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "__count": 1,
      "Data": [
          "AccountId": "384930295",
          "ActionUrl": "http://....",
          "Cins": "A08010AA5",
          "Cusip": "123456789",
          "CutoffDate": "2020-06-30",
          "DeliveryType": {
            "Code": "ED",
            "Description": "Sent via email"
          "IsinCode": "US0978731104",
          "IssuerName": "American International Group, Inc.",
          "JobNumber": "S75596",
          "Materials": [
              "MaterialType": {
                "Code": "10K",
                "Description": "10-K Report"
              "Url": "http://...."
          "ReceivedDate": "2020-06-15",
          "Status": {
            "Code": "VW",
            "Description": "Viewed"
          "StatusDate": "2020-06-30",
          "Subtype": {
            "Code": "S",
            "Description": "Special meeting"
          "Type": {
            "Code": "PX",
            "Description": "Proxy"