Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Body The account identifier in key format from which to transfer money.
    Amount Number Body The amount to be withdrawn.
    BeneficiaryInstructionId String Body Id of the beneficiary instruction to be used for the withdrawal
    Currency CurrencyCode Body The currency the amount is in.
    MessageToBeneficiary String Body For MT103 type messages this is a free text field and for MT202 messages it is used to specify additional information to one of the parties involved in the transaction in a structured format. See the Cash Withdrawal learn page for more information about the format for MT202 messages.Maximum length is 140 ASCII characters.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    CutExchangeRate Number Cut exchange rate.
    WithdrawalRequestId String Outgoing request Id created.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    POST /atr/v1/cashmanagement/withdrawals
    Request Body
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "CutExchangeRate": 1,
      "WithdrawalRequestId": "2425"