Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

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  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    CategoryName String The category this strategy belongs in.
    Currency String Account currency of this TradeLeaderSummary
    Investments InvestmentSummary [] Existing investments under this leader.
    MinimumFundingAmount Decimal Minimum amount required to invest in this TradeLeaderSummary
    MostRecentStart InvestmentTimestamp Investment which was recently started under this given leader.
    MostRecentStop InvestmentTimestamp Investment which was recently stopped under this given leader.
    NumberOfFollowers Int Number of followers who made investements.
    Products String Translated products description for trade leader.
    ReturnPercentage Decimal Percentage return of this leader.
    StateOfLeader LeaderState State of the given leader.
    StrategyName String Name of the strategy of given leader.
    SuitabilityLevel SuitabilityLevel Strategy required suitability level.
    TickerName String Ticker name of this TradeLeaderSummary .
    TradeLeaderId String TradeLeaderSummary identifier.
    TradeLeaderOptions TradeLeaderOptions Trade leader options, see TradeLeaderOptions
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET at/v3/investments/summaries
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "Data": [
          "CategoryName": "Balanced Portfolios",
          "Currency": "GBP",
          "Investments": [
              "AccountId": "SAMGS*585220",
              "ClientId": 2147279411,
              "InitialFunding": 1000000.0,
              "InvestmentStartDateTime": "2021-09-23T20:01:00.7911171Z",
              "IsActive": true,
              "PendingFunding": 0.0,
              "StateName": "Ready",
              "SuitabilityLevel": "VeryHigh",
              "TimeWhenStateModified": "2021-10-22T20:01:00.7911171Z"
          "MinimumFundingAmount": 10000.0,
          "MostRecentStart": {
            "AccountId": "SAMGS*585220",
            "ClientId": 2147279411,
            "TimeWhenStateModified": "2021-10-22T20:01:00.7911171Z"
          "NumberOfFollowers": 1,
          "Products": "CFDs",
          "ReturnPercentage": 0.95,
          "StateOfLeader": "Ready",
          "StrategyName": "Moderate Portfolio (GBP)",
          "SuitabilityLevel": "High",
          "TradeLeaderId": "77",
          "TradeLeaderOptions": "UsExchanges"