Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Query-String
    ClientKey ClientKey Route
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    Assets Number Retail client's assets held
    BenchmarkDebtFactor Number The maximum value of the debtfactor for a given risk rating, so if your the factor is higher then the benchmark then lossability is set to low and then risk level becomes low as well
    BenchmarkIncomeAfterExpenses Number Retail client's benchmark income of a retail household after taxes and fixed costs has been deducted
    Data String []
    DebtFactor Number Retail client's ratio of debt of a retail household compared to the assets owned by the household
    Equity Number Corporate client's liquid cash
    ExpectedEconomicChanges Boolean Whether any major economic changes are expected
    Expenses Number Retail client's fixed costs
    FreeLiquidity Number Corporate client's FreeLiquidity for InvestmentHorizon
    Horizon Integer Horizon
    IlliquidAssets Number Amount of assets that are difficult to convert into cash in market
    Income Number Retail client's income after taxes
    IncomeAfterExpenses Number Retail client's income after taxes and fixed costs has been deducted
    InitialDeposit Number InitialDeposit
    InvestmentCurrency String InvestmentCurrency
    Liabilities Number Corporate client's liabilities
    LiquidAssets Number Amount of assets that can be easily converted to cash or other assets into the market
    Message String
    NetIncome Number Corporate client's net income
    PensionAfterTaxes Number Retail client's pension after taxes has been deducted
    Purpose String Purpose
    RequiredLiquidity Number Corporate client's LiquidityRequired for InvestmentHorizon
    Tags String [] Tags
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET /partnerintegration/v1/financialdata/{ClientKey}?AccountKey={AccountKey}
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "Assets": 20,
      "BenchmarkDebtFactor": 1,
      "BenchmarkIncomeAfterExpenses": 1,
      "DebtFactor": 1,
      "Equity": 1,
      "ExpectedEconomicChanges": true,
      "Expenses": 1,
      "FreeLiquidity": 1,
      "Horizon": 1,
      "IlliquidAssets": 0,
      "Income": 10000,
      "IncomeAfterExpenses": 1,
      "InitialDeposit": 1,
      "InvestmentCurrency": "USD",
      "Liabilities": 1,
      "LiquidAssets": 0,
      "Message": "Message",
      "NetIncome": 1,
      "PensionAfterTaxes": 1,
      "Purpose": "Purpose",
      "RequiredLiquidity": 1,
      "Tags": [