Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Query-String AccountKey
    ClientKey ClientKey Query-String ClientKey
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    __count Number The total count of items in the feed.
    __next String The link for the next page of items in the feed.
    Data CashWithdrawalLimit [] The collection of entities for this feed.
    MaxRows Number The maximum number of rows that can be returned (if applicable).
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    GET /atr/v1/cashmanagement/withdrawallimits?AccountKey={AccountKey}&ClientKey={ClientKey}
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "Data": [
          "AccountKey": "sUyiJbnf57ayjlcoNp1RkA==",
          "ClientKey": "W-CgwnsUEpETkiR8MPJalA==",
          "MaxAllowedWithdrawalAmount": 100