Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    DisplayName String Body The displayName for the investment
    FundingAccountKey AccountKey Body The account from where to withdraw the initial funding amount.
    InitialFunding Number Body The initial funding amount.
    InvestmentShieldAmount Number Body Investment shield amount (drawdown protection level).
    IsDisclaimerAccepted Boolean Body A value indicating whether user has accepted disclaimer before following a trade leader or not.
    TradeLeaderId String Body The id of the trade leader to invest in.
  • Response Parameters

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    Name Type Description
    AccountId Obsolete String Account Id of this This property is obsolete.
    AccountKey Obsolete String Account Key of this This property is obsolete.
    AutoTradingPartnerLeaderId String Unique Identifier for Partner Leader Combination
    ClientId ClientId Gets the client id of the investment.
    Currency String Account currency
    DisplayName String User defined name of investment. If not specified then it defaults to
    DisplayState Integer SaxoInternal - States are bundled in DisplayStates for UI guidance. Only relevant for Saxo applications
    EntryGateResult EntryGateResult Entry Gate Test Result
    ErrorCode ErrorCode Error Code
    ErrorNumber Integer Error number if this is in error state This property is obsolete, please use
    InitialFunding Number The initial funding amount.
    InvestmentId String Investment Item identifier
    InvestmentProcessState InvestmentProcessState Investment process state
    InvestmentShieldAmount Number Investment shield amount (drawdown protection level).
    InvestmentStateId Integer State Id of this
    IsAuthorizedToFollow Boolean Reflects legal aspects of client (suitability and terms/conditions)
    IsFollowAllowed Boolean Indicates whether user is allowed to follow current leaders instrument types and instruments. Also evaluates if follower passes any applied country filter or client group restrictions on leader. And verifies leader is enabled for any of followers owner(s).
    IsFollowing Boolean Indicates if this is actively following.
    IsOpenForFollowers Boolean Expresses if follower amount has exceeded limit.
    IsReadyForTrading Boolean Indictes if this is ready for trading.
    IsTradeFollowerReady Boolean Indicates Trade Follower created, active and passed suitability test
    IsWithdrawalInProgress Boolean Indicates if cash wtihdrawal is in progress.
    MinimumFunding Number The minimum funding amount.
    PendingFunding Number Any pending funding.
    ReservedAmount Number Any amount marked as reserved for withdrawl
    ReturnPercentage Number Account Performance return fraction
    StateName String Description of the state this is in
    StrategyName String Name of the strategy.
    TradeLeaderId String identifier.
  • Request Example

    Request URL
    POST /at/v3/investments
    Request Body
      "DisplayName": "Investment Account",
      "FundingAccountKey": "nUAg42i1-LI7kgWmWfSoaw==",
      "InitialFunding": 0,
      "InvestmentShieldAmount": 700000,
      "IsDisclaimerAccepted": true,
      "IsPortfolioMandateAccepted": false,
      "TradeLeaderId": "8"
  • Response Example

    Response body
      "AccountId": "stringValue",
      "AccountKey": "stringValue",
      "AutoTradingPartnerLeaderId": "stringValue",
      "ClientId": 441532926,
      "Currency": "stringValue",
      "DisplayName": "stringValue",
      "DisplayState": 99,
      "EntryGateResult": "Failed",
      "ErrorCode": "NotSuitable",
      "ErrorNumber": 99,
      "InitialFunding": 10,
      "InvestmentId": "stringValue",
      "InvestmentShieldAmount": 10,
      "InvestmentStateId": 99,
      "IsAuthorizedToFollow": true,
      "IsFollowAllowed": false,
      "IsFollowing": false,
      "IsOpenForFollowers": true,
      "IsReadyForTrading": true,
      "IsTradeFollowerReady": false,
      "IsWithdrawalInProgress": true,
      "MinimumFunding": 10,
      "PendingFunding": 10,
      "ReservedAmount": 10,
      "ReturnPercentage": 10,
      "StateName": "stringValue",
      "StrategyName": "stringValue",
      "TradeLeaderId": "stringValue"