Endpoint Parameters

  • Request parameters

    Name Type Origin Description
    DisplayName String Body The Display name for investment
    FundingAccountKey AccountKey Body The account from where to withdraw any additional funding amount.
    InvestmentId String Route Id of the investment to update
    InvestmentShieldAmount Number Body Investment shield amount (drawdown protection level).
    IsActive Boolean Body Set the investment active or inactive.
    IsAutoFundsTransfer Boolean Body Auto Funds transfer value in case of investment stop
    PendingFunding Number Body Any pending funding amount.
    PositionsCloseOnDeactivation Boolean Body Option to close or keep positions on deactivation (not available to all)
  • Response Parameters

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    There are no response parameters

  • Request Example

    Request URL
    PATCH /at/v3/investments/1505
    Request Body
      "DisplayName": "Investment Account",
      "FundingAccountKey": "nUAg42i1-LI7kgWmWfSoaw==",
      "InvestmentShieldAmount": 80000,
      "IsActive": true,
      "PendingFunding": 0,
      "PositionsCloseOnDeactivation": true