Public contract providing the latest price information upon a request.

  • Name Type Description
    AssetType AssetType Asset Type of the instrument
    Commissions Commissions The commissions
    DisplayAndFormat InstrumentDisplayAndFormat Information about the instrument of the net position and how to display it.
    Greeks Greeks Greeks - only available for options
    HistoricalChanges HistoricalChanges The historical price changes
    InstrumentPriceDetails InstrumentPriceDetails Instrument Specific Price Details. Contents vary by AssetType
    LastUpdated UtcDateTime Time of last price update
    MarginImpactBuySell MarginImpactBuySell The margin impact with currency and values for both buy and sell.
    MarketDepth MarketDepth The market depth
    PriceInfo PriceInfo Brief price information.
    PriceInfoDetails PriceInfoDetails Detailed price information
    PriceSource String The source for the price information
    Quote TradableQuote The quote data.
    Timestamps PriceTimestamps Info about timing of prices, asset type specific.
    Uic Int Uic of instrument