Represents a request for a price in the API.

  • Name Type Description
    AccountKey AccountKey Unique key identifying the account used in retrieving the price.
    Amount Decimal Order size, defaults to minimal order size for given instrument.
    AmountType OrderAmountType
    AssetType AssetType The instrument's asset type
    ContractId Int Optional. ContractId for trading vanilla or binary fx options.
    ExpiryDate UtcDateTime Optional expiry date - only relevant for options
    FieldGroups PriceGroupSpec [] Specification of fields to return in results
    ForwardDate UtcDateTime Forward date
    ForwardDateFarLeg UtcDateTime Forward date for far leg
    ForwardDateNearLeg UtcDateTime Forward date for near leg
    LowerBarrier Decimal Lower barrier
    OrderAskPrice Decimal Order ask price. When specified, a corresponding cost of buying will be calculated for that price; otherwise the current market ask price will be used.
    OrderBidPrice Decimal Order bid price. When specified, a corresponding cost of selling will be calculated for that price; otherwise the current market bid price will be used.
    PutCall PutCall Put/call
    QuoteCurrency Bool
    RequireTradableQuote Bool Optional argument to require that the subscription returns tradable quotes i.e. provides a quoteId. The value defaults to false.
    SharePrice Decimal Share Price. Used when subscribing on a price when placing an order for CFDs. When provided it may lead to EstPriceSell / EstPriceBuy being returned in the InstrumentPriceDetail. Not relevant for info prices.
    StrategyName String Optional argument to specify an algo-order strategy
    StrikePrice Decimal Strike price
    ToClosePositionId Long Set this if the intention is that the subsequent trade should close the position with the specified position id.
    ToOpenClose ToOpenClose
    Uic Int Unique id of the instrument
    UpperBarrier Decimal Upper barrier