Public data contract for options (both FX Options and ETO's)).

  • Name Type Description
    BarrierEventOccurred Bool True if the barrier event has occurred for the option
    CanBeExercised Bool If true, the option position may be exercised by the user.
    ExerciseStyle ExerciseStyle Used to indicate if an option is to follow American or European style exercise rules. American-style may be exercised at any time. European-style may only be exercised at expiry.
    ExpiryCut ExpiryCut ExpiryCut.
    ExpiryDate UtcDateTime The ExpiryDate.
    LowerBarrier Decimal LowerBarrier for digital option.
    PremiumDate UtcDateTime Forex Options premium date.
    PutCall PutCall The Put/Call value of the option.
    SettlementStyle SettlementStyle The settlement style of the option
    Strike Decimal The strike price of the option.
    UpperBarrier Decimal UpperBarrier for digital option.