Correlation Type

  • Name Description
    Allocation Allocation
    Assignment Contract option assignment
    AutoAbandonment Automated Abandonment
    AutoAssignment Automated contract option assignment (at expiry)
    AutoExercise Automated contract option exercise (at expiry)
    AutoHedge AutoHedge - Indicates that correlation involves an auto hedge.
    AutoTrade Position/Order auto-copied from other
    BatchFollowerOrders Saxo Select, fractional ETFs: Delayed order execution when follower starts or funds
    BlockClosingTrade Indicates that this trade is a closing trade of the block trade
    ClientDefault Client Default
    ClosingTrade Trade to close another trade
    CopyTrade Position/Order copied from other
    Exercise Contract option exercise
    ExternalDealCapture This is used for capturing deal capture externally
    Facilitation Indicates that this order or trade is Facilitation flow
    FractionalAgencyFlow This is used for agency leg of fractional trade.
    FractionalFlow This is used for fractional trade flow
    FxDmaTrade Fx Dma Trade
    Hedge Hedge - Indicates that the correlation involves a hedge
    InternallyFilledFractionalAmount This is created internally to fill Fractional part ( No broker leg)
    InternallyFilledFractionalTrade The trade is created internally to fill Fractional part ( No broker leg)
    ManualHedge ManualHedge - Indicates that correlation involves a manual hedge.
    None None
    OnBehalfOf Indicates that this trade is On Behalf Of booking
    PartiallyFilledAndExploded Indicates that this order is partially filled and then ungrouped/exploded from a group stop order
    PartnerHedge PartnerHedge - Indicates that correlation involves a partner hedge.
    Rebooking Position involved in rebooking
    SaxoPrimeTrade Saxo Prime position
    SelfFinancing Self Financing Orders and Positions
    Split Position involved in split
    Strategy For Strategy type future
    Synthetic Synthetic - Indicates that the correlation involves the construction of a synthetic trade.
    SystematicInternalizer Systematic Internalizer flow.
    TradingFloor Order/Position originated from TradingFloor
    TraianaDropCopyTrade Position originated from Traiana Drop Copy Service.
    WithAdvice With Advice Note, there will be an extra cost for the advice Even if the AdviserClientNote is absent in OpenOrderData
    WithDealCapture Deal Capture Type